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Executive Search

Today, the need of organizations in finding high level personnel for their important positions is ever increasing. To recognize the importance of executive search and selection service in the very competitive recruitment environment, we incessantly endeavor to deliver exceptional results by ensuring all potential candidates meet the clients’ business objective that base on the following criteria:

• Finding out the Ideal candidates

There will be unique requirements and qualification for executive position, we committee to find out the quality candidates who have unique advantages, and will bring to clients extensive, expertise, education and experience to different jobs.

Base on your requirements, expectations, your company’s objectives and culture, Our HR experts will research talents who will be a perfect fit in all those aspects.

• Full services HR executive recruitment

Thanks to our specialized executive search team with wide range of experience in verifying and identifying potential candidates, we provide full services in recruiting executive, from short-listed CVs, contacting (phone interview candidates), evaluating the CVs performance to find out the most matching candidates with the precise criteria of your corporate in all business sectors.

• Focusing on the industry and Job Placement

With different industry from financial, educational, healthcare to manufacturing, hospitality, insurance and other industries, we customize our recruiting process to match the requirements from clients.

• Comprehensive recruitment process

Our executive network will lead us to diverse and potential candidate; we can reach qualified people even when their resume did not appear in the market. Furthermore, our thorough executive screening process includes verifying of all information, extensive interviews, evaluate and solid list of candidates.

• International quality in recruitment process

An ideal candidate can be from anywhere in Vietnam, and will be qualified for international enterprises. We also provide supports in recruitment process for foreign companies who want to look for local employees (such as online interview, testing candidate’s performance, etc.).

• Proven, Cost-effective results

Our services will bring the efficiency, accuracy for your demand. With effective process, we can help your firms to find out the most suitable candidate along with reducing cost and saving time for your recruitment process.