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Payroll Management
Payroll Management service will lead to easier process, improves compliance and drives towards comprehensive financial management. Payroll service includes not only paying salary for employee but also relevant functions such as PIT finalization, Overtime rate calculation, time and attendance checking, we are also responsible for sending pays slip, transferring salary to employee’s bank account and all the function of payroll management. Doing professional payroll will help companies to:

• Expertise in solving PIT (personal income tax) matters
• Reduce cost, time and human resource for payroll administration
• Reduce risk of financial compliance issues
• Manage the payroll systems conveniently (for both employer and employee).
• Provide payslip via online system, help employee to control their payslip, be more secure and save costs
• Be better in management cash-flow for both small and big firms
• Combine all the payroll functions and data including human resources management, benefits in administration, solution for time and attendance
• Consolidate system and data to enable better tracking and auditing
• Be accurate and immediate in tracking full-time and part-time employees with saving times and cost
• Focus on business operation, core value and increasing productivity
• Reduce workload for administration staffs