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Our service will help your firms to find hundreds, blue-collars or technical staffs; we can customize a staffing plan to meet your demand of supplemental staff for short or long-term needs including vacation coverage, sick-time coverage, special assignments or seasonal workloads, projects. This kind of service can help you to save time as well as recruitment expenses; turn a fixed labor cost into a variable one as to be aligned with your production plan at any time. Furthermore, we also offer management service whether your firms need.

Temporary Staffing

Our staffing services enable your firms to fill the short-term employees, support upcoming projects, meet the seasonal requirements and reduce workforce in slow periods, it leads to reduce the employee-related costs.

Moreover, your company also can observe the temporary employees on the job to identify whether this is the suitable for the position and your firms can offer them a long term contract after period is completed.

We are also responsible for recruiting and screening candidates, it will help company to focus on their business. Your firms can rely on our professional recruiters with access to a wide range of resources, to select the suitable employee.

HR management

We offer management services for your company including making contracts, preparing all employees’ documents (insurance, qualifications, and paperwork), employee’s payroll and payslip. We ensure about the procedures from employee applied to the firms, during the working process and until employee’s resignations. We offer this service along with staffing, so clients can outsource for us two functions, and it will help your company to focus on the core business, to develop the market share and increasing productivity.